Infiltration Catheters


Improve Practicable Usability – Infiltration Fenestrated Catheter  

The infiltration catheter is the MEAN to implement the Continuous Wound Infiltration (CWI) postoperative pain therapy.



A. The function of the catheter

        is to uniformly spread the medication along the surgical incision (or proximate

        when placed inside sub-cutaneous/sub-muscles tunneled pass).

B. The surroundings of the catheters' infusing segment

Typically, the catheter is placed inside a "tunnel like" positioned in a muscle tissue

(created when the incision is closed over the catheter). In this

position, the catheter is exposed to low pressure of "body liquids" (~10 milibar).







C. Infusion Uniformity


1. Most of used infiltration fenestrated catheters gain the infusion uniformity by creating uniform internal

medication pressure along the fenestrated

segment and by multiple uniform size side holes located at uniform distance.

Typically an internal layer made of denes metal coil or denes meshed cloth sheet serve to create

the uniform internal pressure (as presented in FIG A)




2. The surrounding pressure around the catheter inside the "tunnel like" act and function almost as the denes metal

coil or denes meshed cloth

sheet; therefore, by applying  "complementary aid" through unique side holes design an 80% uniformity

along the incision may be achived without

the need of internal layer in the infusing segment.


D. Cut-To-Size design


A unique design of the side holes (diameter and length) enables to mainatin 80% uniformity of medication spraed

anlong the incision while enable

the  physician to cut the length of the infusing segment to the actual incision lengtThus, resulted with




1. Improve Practicable Usability

2. Significant cost reduction; dramaticaly reduces the number of SKUs

3. Reduced cases where the length of the infusing segment doesn't meet the actual incision length.


E. MFS uses Cut-To-Size fenesrtrated catheter in all SmartInfuser PainPump™


1. 140 mm infusing segment is the standard

2. 190mm is an optional.